Friday, January 26, 2007

Post IEP

If you were to come visit us today, I'm sure you would be overwhelmed by the sounds of coughing, blowing noses and the undeniably strong presence of GERMS! Aren't you glad you are safely far away from us?!

Abby is still pretty sick with RSV but seems to be slowly pulling out of her misery. She is still coughing hard and sounds congested. Yesterday and today she has been more awake and we can see glimmers of "Abby" again. Josiah isn't feeling himself yet either. I think he got up crying about 4 times last night... so he must still be feeling badly.

Patrick and I are both under the sickness cloud now too. Bummer.

Abby's IEP was yesterday and we were both able to make it to the meeting, thanks to Carolyn who traveled down from Murfreesboro to help baby-sit! At least 14 people showed up at Madison Elementary to discuss Abby's education plan. Two special ladies from UAB's deafblind project came for support and to help facilitate our discussion about Abby's future plan. It was a good experience. We talked about in service opportunities for some of the staff to learn how to sign to a deafblind child. We requested more vision services which they granted. At the recommendation of our new friends from UAB we also requested an intervener for Abby... someone who will be a consistent presence in the classroom, connecting Abby with her surroundings through ASL communication. This is still a foreign concept for us and we need to gain a deeper understanding of what an intervener would do for Abby. Now we just have to find the right person to fill this very important position. It might not happen any time soon, but at least the request has been made.

The Lord has blessed us with a great group of people who care about Abby and her development. We are very grateful!

Thanks for praying for this important meeting. We will meet again in May to evaluate Abby's progress and address any additional needs she might have at that time.

We always enjoy hearing from you and reading all the sweet comments you send through e-mail or Abby's CarePage.

We want to know how you are doing too!

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