Thursday, March 13, 2008

Phantom Fever

Week 5 of fever.

Starting from the day Abby got sick with RSV (Feb. 3) and ended up in the PICU, we are now in week 5 of having fever.  Most days it has been low grade, ranging from 99 to 101.  She still isn't quite herself.  On certain days the seizures climb to a worrisome number.  Monday and Tuesday of this week she had more than 10 grand mals per day.

Back to the pediatrician today.  Abby's exam was fine.  Everything checked out.  Her ears and throat looked fine.  Liver, spleen, glands felt fine.  No rashes.  Lungs clear.  No indication as to why the fever continues.

We talked about his conversation with an infectious disease doctor at Children's.  After reporting Abby's most recent blood work and urine culture results there was nothing obvious to worry about.  The tentative conclusion was made that it could be another virus.  

The plan will be that he will speak with Abby's endocrinologist and neurologist to discuss possible hypothalamus disfunction.  An idea that maybe the long seizures have further damaged her brain.  An MRI would be a possible future diagnostic tool, but a complicated one now that she sports her VNS implant.  great.

So now we just continue to watch her and keep record of her temps... and wait.  And pray she doesn't have any more prolonged seizures.

If her temps start to spike, then we will redraw blood and repeat the urine culture to continue to look for the culprit.  

I hope it just goes away.