Thursday, March 12, 2009

23 Weeks

We have entered our 23rd week of pregnancy.

It's a week we've been anticipating, dreading and celebrating.  Glad to have made it this far and yet feeling as though we are holding our breath for this week to pass without incident.

I find myself painfully aware of each day our new baby is developing, but also trying to put the worry out of my mind.  The Lord has graciously given our baby good health and he continues to grow and thrive.

It's difficult to not dwell on past memories of Abby's early NICU days, remembering what she looked like, smelled like and how fragile her little life was at this stage of development.  What perfect features, soft dark hair, and delicate eye lashes she had.  How much I wanted to put her back; back where she was safe and protected.

Watching Josiah gives us hope.  I remember celebrating our 24th, 25th, 26th weeks and beyond with him, consumed by the joy that each week brought us closer to having a healthy baby...  Knowing exactly what babies look like at each stage, and hoping to never see a micro preemie again.

Now that we are at this critical point in our pregnancy I am very aware of every discomfort and contraction.  At my OB appointment this past Monday my doctor did some ultrasounds and reassured me that the contractions I have been feeling were not changing anything, and that the bleeding she saw before has clotted off and looks improved!  The baby has gotten bigger since our last scan and was very active!

She gave me some Procardia to take when I have contractions.  It makes me feel very light headed and "head-achy"... but it works.  Now we just need to be extra mindful of preterm labor signs.

Thank you to those who have been and still are praying for us.  We covet them, especially this week as we look forward to making the 24 week mark.