Thursday, February 1, 2007


Snow in Alabama... it actually happened today!

We woke up to a fresh whiteness covering our yard. It was beautiful! It's mostly melted now from rain, but we enjoyed looking at it while it lasted.

Abby is finally better from her battle with RSV and the flu... thank goodness. She's back to herself, enjoying tickles and telling us what she thinks. It's nice to hear her little voice again instead of coughing. I think she's glad to be back at school too.

She saw her neurologist yesterday who was very pleased with her seizure activity this month. She's only had 2!! Yeah! Now that she is on a full dose of her new med Lamictal, it seems to have really helped. We are so thankful. Hopefully if she remains stable for the next 6 weeks we can start weaning her off the Keppra.

Josiah is better now too. He's finally starting to sleep all night long! We tried a cool trick I learned from my wise and experienced sis: cold juice when he wakes up crying, a quick snuggle and back to bed. So far it's working! Yippee. It's definitely been a nice surprise since we've been fighting the flu this last week.

One more day till the weekend!