Friday, February 15, 2008

Another New Tube

We are back from the hospital... again. This time Abby was treated at the adult hospital, but fortunately we saw some familiar faces! Our main nurse usually works at Children's and I think he has taken care of Abby in the ER before.

As compared to the last time she had her GJ placed here, this experience was much more organized, controlled and pleasant. I think she really needed a break today! They got her IV on the FIRST stick!!! This very, rarely happens. I was prepared to be a momma bear and insist on certain things to make this day easier for Abby. Surprise, I didn't have to! Everyone took such great care of her, explained everything and even got her into the procedure room 10 minutes early!

Whew. I was incredibly relieved. The doc had her new tube in place in less than 20 minutes and Abby was snoozing the whole time (with IV Propofol of course). I much prefer her to be out for this procedure... unlike our past experience.

Now she is resting on our bed and slowly building up her feeds again. She did great without any feeds all day.

Thanks for all your notes, calls and posts of encouragement. We appreciate knowing people are thinking about and praying for Abby.