Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 3 of RSV

We spent another night in PICU b/c there was no room on the peds floor. It's that time of year, everyone seems to be sick!

Although I appreciated the tender care and compassion of the staff in the PICU when Abby needed it, I definitely felt the heaviness and stress of the atmosphere building today. All the beds were full of very sick children. Two babies on the Oscilator vent, which we vividly remember from Abby's early NICU weeks... not something you would want to witness. Accidentally overhearing tense conversations in our neighbor's room, and watching nurses dash in and out of rooms that are beeping.

Lack of sleep along with the above mentioned was making me a very irritable mommy.

Abby had a rough night last night with plenty of coughing, suctioning, fever and agitation. Despite her junky sounding cough she has been holding her O2 sats above 90 all day. Just as I had predicted after a long night of very little sleep, she finally conked out this morning after a very vigorous suctioning which then produced a vomit! yuck

We are now in our new room on peds, which is nice. She looks like she feels miserable and sounds it too. Right now all we can do is treat symptoms and watch her vitals. Her fever is hanging on so we are trying to keep her comfortable.

It looks like we will go home tomorrow as long as nothing changes or surprises us in the middle of the night. I'm sure we will all be more comfortable at home, and I would feel better being the one in control of her meds, her feeding pump, her nose snot etc!! You moms out there can relate.

Today our nurse explained that RSV tends to peak at around 5-7 days... so we are praying that nothing eventful will occur after we are at home! Please continuing to pray that her body will tolerate the high fevers without losing control and going into another prolonged seizure. That is usually what sends us speeding to the ER.

Thanks for all the encouraging emails, phone calls and prayers lifted up for our girl. I'm always amazed during times such as these what a strong little girl she is. What a blessing to us!