Tuesday, December 16, 2008

various updates

New Baby update:

  These feet represent what our baby's feet look like at this point.  (obviously not real picture of our baby)

I had my 11 week OB appointment yesterday and got to hear the baby's heart beat through a doppler for the first time.  
Because my pregnancies are considered high risk I have had an ultrasound every 2 weeks so far and have gotten to see our baby grow!  I was a little bummed I didn't get a new picture yesterday, but thought I'd post this "look-a-like" to give you an idea of where he/she is in development.

The baby's heart beat was strong and wonderful to hear.

The plan for this pregnancy is to continue bi-weekly check ups, most of which will include an ultrasound to make sure the "baby house" is functioning as it should.

We are scheduled to have my cerclage procedure done on January 9th.  At this point I will be 14 weeks along.  Although this procedure, like any other, does carry some risk we feel that the potential benefits for me out way those risks.  
We had the option to skip the cerclage and just take a watch and see approach.  After much thought and prayer neither of us are comfortable with this plan and would rather do everything possible to avoid a prematurity surprise.  Looking at my pregnancy with Josiah and how well things went with the cerclage and p17 injections, we have opted to go the same route and take advantage of all the tricks available to keep this baby in as long as possible!

Our doctor has been very supportive and agrees with our plan.  She doesn't anticipate that I will need to be on full best rest at any point during our journey, but she has recommended a "modified bed rest" approach.  I will continue doing what I need to do to care for Abby and Josiah and nothing more.  She said this includes taking Abby to therapy!  

Of course at any point this plan could change, but we are praying for the Lord's mercy and strength as we take each day literally one moment at a time.

Because I have had two previous c-sections this baby will come out the same way.  Although I am really disappointed that it has to be this way, I've come to terms with it and am actually looking forward to having my first c-section without having to go through an exhausting labor!  I might even feel human when I meet this little one.  

My nauseating fog still continues.  Thankfully it is not as severe as my other two pregnancies.  I am really looking forward to feeling whole again, instead of the horrible, green, fraction of myself that I see in the mirror.  Zofran has kept me functioning (marginally), and Phenergan has whisked me off into a coma state for some sleepy relief as needed.  

Soon enough I will be large and clear-headed.

Abby is doing well these days, staying busy with PT, OT, Speech, Feeding and Music therapies in addition to extra PT at UCP.  The sessions on the treadmill have helped her make progress in several areas.  We've noticed more rolling, more lunging forward when in a sitting position, more stepping action in the gait trainer and better range of motion overall!  We are so thrilled. 

 Her therapist at UCP has been doing scar manipulation, or stretching/massaging her multiple abdominal scars.  She says this will improve her range of motion and free up her tissues to stretch more easily.  It is very interesting to watch.

(Abby's B-day 9/03/08)

Her seizures have stabalized again after a few strange days and nights of irritability and myoclonic seizures.  We slowed her medication decrease schedule to allow more time for her to adjust.  It seems to have helped.


The glaucoma issue is also stable for now.  Her last eye pressure measurements were in the low 20's.  The doc would like to see them decrease into the teens but said he could live with her measurements for a while.  We don't see him again for a few months, but unfortunately he will no longer be coming to Huntsville for clinics... we will have to drive to Birmingham.  

A few nights ago I was putting Josiah to bed and he asked me to tell him about the Christmas story again.  As I was recapping what we had just read about baby Jesus, he stopped me and pointed to Abby.  Then he said, "Jesus holds Abby like a little baby."  With the sweetest little smile he signed "baby" and said, "Jesus holds me like a baby too, doesn't he momma."

I couldn't help the tears as I envisioned our powerful Savior holding my children in His arms, loving and protecting them.  I remember that image as being the most comforting to think about when Abby was tiny and sick lying alone in the NICU.  We couldn't hold her, but knowing God WAS brought peace and comfort to my heart.  When that thought entered my mind it was the first moment of full surrender.

Abby and Josiah both bring these precious reminders to me daily.  

Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!