Friday, May 22, 2009

33 Weeks

... and counting!  As the contractions continue their persistent attempt to annoy, we are even more thankful for each day that passes.  

This weeks' OB appointment brought encouraging news.  After 2+ weeks of feeling like I have been in early labor it was reassuring to be checked and told that things seem normal for someone with a cerclage in place.  Although she didn't measure exact length with an ultrasound this time she said it felt ok.  The thing to worry about is cervical tearing from contractions (b/c of the cerclage), and the sign would be bleeding... which I've had none of so far!!

I think I've gotten the hang of working with the medications and knowing when it is worth the yucky side effects to take them.  They definitely do slow the contractions significantly.  I know our doc will tell me to stop taking the meds some time soon.  After a certain gestation the pills don't work, and also it won't be necessary to stop labor if it comes.  I'm guessing about 35 wks.

What is in a name?

Apparently for us, a lot!  We can't seem to decide on the perfect name for our little peanut.  There are a few favs floating around our conversations, but nothing seems to stick.  We've been praying that the Lord would give us the name for this special child.  Maybe we will just have to wait to meet him face to face before we know what fits.

This is just a funny video I caught last night after daddy got home from work.  It's mostly for family who like silly videos of our kids.
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