Friday, November 2, 2007

Love - Hate Relationship

Abby has a long standing relationship with tubes of all kinds. Endotracheal tubes, IV tubes, oral gastric and nasal gastric tubes. They have given breath to her lungs, medicine to her blood and food to her stomach. Once Abby's reflux battle kicked in full gear we turned to a gastrostomy to feed her.

Yesterday we were introduced to yet another tube... the Gastrojejunal tube. As much as we've been dragging our feet on this one, Abby has been suffering through every feeding. We have exhausted every medication and several, special formulas. We even tried an extra special diet of blenderized whole foods. Nothing brought the relief she needed.

Now we have a pump, feeding bags and IV pole following Abby every where. Soon I'm sure it will become second nature to pick up the pump and tubes along with our girl. In the mean time, we are trying really hard not to trip over or step on her tubes!

It's new for Abby too. It has made her tummy very upset. Something new; more changes. We only wish we knew what she was feeling so we could better anticipate her needs. She acts hungry, but we can't feed her the way we are used to.

Lord, please help Abby get used to this new tube more quickly than we do, so that her body can heal.