Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I should put something up!

Abby is finally feeling better.  She had more fever this week, but now it's gone and the mucous is making it's way out as well.  Finally!

This past weekend we went to TN to celebrate Father's Day!  We had a wonderful time with family just being together.  Saturday we went to the zoo with Grandma, Papa, Aunt Connie and Matt which was really fun.  It was cool enough to enjoy walking around the park, checking out all the neat animals.  Josiah still remembers a lot of his animal signs which was good to see.

That night I got to see my sis and her girls!  We enjoyed chatting, catching up, talking about pregnancy (she's expecting) and watching the girls play.  I always feel refreshed after being with them.

Sunday morning I got Patrick up very early (4:30) to go to a special spot we used to enjoy before we were married.  It did involve hiking, so I'm pretty impressed with both of us that we made it to the top,  despite our minimal energy.  It was definitely worth the effort as we enjoyed the gorgeous early morning view!

We spent almost the whole afternoon on the lake!!  Another favorite for me.  Basking in the sun and actually swimming for the first time this summer.  The kids both got in the water, although we did see a few tears from J.  He wasn't sure he liked skiing on the big disk.  Papa and Grandma's boat is always a fun treat!  

Abby seemed to love the water, she was so relaxed and even kicked her legs a little. (more pictures to come)

Now we are home back into our routines.  This week we hope to hear back from the surgeon about Abby's upcoming surgery.  Long story made very short, we are expecting that Abby's file is now containing all the necessary missing pieces for the surgeon to examine.  I left a message for his nurse this morning.  So now we wait to speak with them again.  Hoping for a more complete, encouraging conversation this time.

It's difficult looking forward to surgery... not because we want it, but only because we feel that Abby needs it.  She isn't thriving on her GJ feedings and continues to lose skills that she seemed to enjoy just 1 year ago.  It brings so many mixed feelings.  Dread of surgery and hope of healing.

Thanks for remembering her!