Thursday, November 29, 2007

Surgery Consult

Today we saw the Pediatric Surgeon at Women's and Children's hospital. We explained Abby's seizure situation and her extensive medical history. He was a very nice man and agreed she needs the VNS implant soon. He shared some of his experiences and told us he implants about 1 child a month! This was more than I had expected.

Abby's placement surgery is scheduled for December 10th, nice and early at 7am. As much as I want to stop these nasty seizures, I never enjoy the process of surgery. This will tip Abby's surgery number to 13. Every time I'm told to fill out those forms at the dr.s' offices I have to rehash all the difficult experiences she has endured. The surgery, the vent time, the infections, blood transfusions, brain injury and diagnosis'. Then I watch as they point out all the scars, trying to make sense of it all. Never something I enjoy doing.

But, as it is, we are ready for this to happen. Now that our girl is even more drugged after adding a third med this week, we look forward to yanking her off of them as quickly as Dr. M will allow. Looking into her little eyes I can see a haze clouding over her sweet, hiding personality. I'm ready to see my girl clearly again and move forward with the normal things of life.

Will life ever settle down to normalcy? I don't think I will wait any longer for that to happen, but will stumble ahead while I beg the Lord for His mercy and grace. He promises that He will equip us with every gift we need for this life... I just need to dig deeper and proclaim that His promises are always true.

Josiah worked so hard the other day helping mommy rake leaves outside, he forgot to finish his lunch!! It was so cute I thought my heart would burst!