Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Abby's EEG

Yesterday we took Abby to have an EEG (electroencephalogram) at our neurologist's office. They attached numerous, colorful wires to her head while I watched her brain waves dance across the screen. She was pretty calm considering how much she protested to the placing of the electrodes!

The EEG was ordered because we have been noticing Abby having new seizures, and also some increase in her typical seizures. From what we've read and researched her new seizures look like they are probably Myoclonic seizures. They look like she suddenly gets startled and throws her arms out to the side and seems disoriented for a moment. I can tell it is a seizure by the look in her little eyes.

Abby's typical seizures that we have been seeing since she was 11 months old are Tonic-Clonic seizures. They look more severe. Every time she has one of these it drains a little piece of me, as I watch my girl wilt into a drowsy state.

We also think she might be having Absence seizures. Her teachers have mentioned that they are seeing these as school.

Dr. M's nurse practitioner showed us an actual Vagus Nerve Stim implant so we could look at it. It's bigger than we had thought. We also had the chance to ask more questions about this form of epilepsy treatment. It seems so invasive but maybe it could really help decrease Abby's seizures.

Now we just wait for the results of yesterday's EEG. Next Tuesday we will be seeing Dr. M again to discuss the results and talk about what we need to do next. He might want to do a longer EEG test that will provide more extensive information as it will show Abby's brain activity over a 48-72 hour period. We will also be talking more about the VNS therapy option.

Praying for wisdom to know how to help Abby in this issue and all the others that are weighing heavily on our hearts.