Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb. Neuro checkup

February 20, 2007 at 08:46 PM CST A very long day at Children's Hospital

Abby had another CT scan today before we met with her neurosurgeon for a follow up visit. She was a trouper as usual and tolerated all the waiting and the CT scan without any problem... unlike her brother, who threw the biggest crying fit (and the loudest) we've ever experienced!

Poor Josiah, he was so tired. He let EVERYONE know how he felt! By the end of this day we were all at the end of our robe.

Despite the overall stressful experience, we did get more good news about Abby's head. The CT scan showed her ventricles are still small and things are looking good. The doctor said this is not a prediction of her future, but a good sign for today. He told us again that she could start exhibiting signs of complications at any moment, but there is no way to predict when that might be. (We are still praying that moment will never come.)

He said that as long as we have a good pediatrician that we trust closer to home we could return in 1 year! I was surprised. I think he saw how frazzled we were, and I'm sure he heard Josiah's protesting.

So, we don't plan to go back for another year!! We just hope and pray that we won't need to. Praise the Lord.

We are all glad to be home.