Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ER again

Abby woke up sick this morning with a fever (101.5).  After giving Motrin and her other meds she still went into a prolonged seizure.  We caught it as soon as it started and gave the Diastat, but the seizure was stubborn and wouldn't stop.  So, off to the ER we went.

It was 8 am so morning traffic was slowing us down a bit.  Thankfully Patrick had come home and was driving us, so we got there as quickly as humanly possible.  The staff were waiting for us and quickly escorted her to our usual suite.  Within about 8 minutes they had IV access and the meds were on board.  

All in all the seizure lasted about 35 minutes.  She needed two doses of the IV seizure meds and some valium, but after about 1 hour she was resting quietly.  As usual, all of the tests (chest x-ray, blood work, urine etc) came back normal.  She's sick with a virus again.

Fortunately we only had to hang out there for about 4 hours before returning home again.  The meds have made her extra aggitated, figity and grumpy.  Her fever remains above 101 despite Motrin and Tylenol.

We are praying for a more peaceful night for Abby.  The doc has ordered yet another seizure med to be added to her arsenal for the next 3 nights.  We may end up using this medicine in the future when we anticipate an illness coming on, to prevent these long episodes.

Abby has an appointment with her neurologist early next week and an ambulatory EEG. Not sure if she will still be having that done after this weeks' event.