Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sick on a Rainy Day

Today has been rather strange.  Abby woke up not acting herself.  She was retching and trying to throw up, along with seizure like behaviors.  Not like her typical seizures (if you can call them "typical").  I could tell something was wrong.

After watching her and using her VNS magnet several times, I gave her morning meds.  She continued this odd behavior for about 35 min before I called her neurologist.  She had me give more of one of her daily seizure meds and watch her for another 20 min.  I called her back after 30 min when Abby started having jerky movements that were becoming rhythmic.  

The doc told me to give Abby Diastat, which I was really trying to avoid.  But since Abby didn't have a fever she said we could hang tight at home and watch to see if she would improve!  She started to relax a little, but with in another 45 min her jerky movements continued and picked up a little momentum.  

Once again we called our neurologist who told us to head to the ER.  Fortunately for us it was another pretty uneventful trip.  By the time the residents had examined her and gotten her vital signs she had mostly stopped the jerking, although she was still very agitated.

We are home now and Abby has been vomiting and started running a fever.  Although I'm hoping this will not progress into our pattern of hospital stays and prolonged seizures, I've packed my overnight bag and have started aggressive Tylenol/Motrin treatment!!