Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer Vacation '07

More Flashbacks! Our family went to Florida last month for vacation with Papa, Grandma and Aunt Connie. We stayed in a beautiful condo right on the beach. The pool was luxurious and the place the kids enjoyed the most.

Abby thoroughly loved the water. She would just lie back and let her hands float freely, looking completely calm. Several times water washed over her little face and she didn't seem upset or afraid. She even began to kick her legs as if she were excited and having fun! Because of the joy she seemed to experience in the water, we would love to have a private pool someday.

Josiah liked the water too. He learned to jump into the water and go under! Daddy made it a fun game so that he would ask to do it again, and again. It was fun to watch him waddle around the pool deck while trying to keep him from carelessly stepping off the edge into the water.

We all had fun spending quiet, relaxing time with family. Can't wait for our next summer vacation!