Friday, January 30, 2009

More of the same

Monday's doctor appointment went fine, just more orders for continued bed rest.  Our next appointment will include the first cervical length measurement.  This will hopefully set me free from my present confinement.  

Unlike many recent comments, bed rest is not fun or relaxing in the traditional sense of the word.  Not for the body or for the mind.  In the past three weeks my muscles have started wasting and I get dizzy from just standing.  My hips are sore and I perpetually look like I've forgotten how to dress myself.  Many other discomforts plague me that I will spare you from.

I don't mean to complain.  I would have Gladly and most thankfully done this for Abby before she was born if I could have.  This is continually at the fore front of my mind when I feel tired of the process.  I suppose this venue is a safe place to vent the reality of pregnancy after a preemie.

We have been overwhelmed by our family and friends who have jumped in to help!  Thank you Grandma and Papa!  Thank you Mom, for coming all the way from China to "work" in our house.  Thank you friends for meals, flowers, cards and encouragement.  It keeps us going.

I find myself going to look at pictures like these, reminding me of all the secret joys a full term baby brings.

And the miracles of a micro-preemie...