Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year Has Begun...

This year we welcomed the new year with Patrick getting the stomach virus.  It was a bad one too!  Poor guy.  The kids and I stayed far away from him as much as possible in hopes of avoiding the germs.

Although our anniversary came and went without much excitement we are determined to celebrate as soon as we are ALL healthy.

This week started out with Josiah getting sick with the nasty virus.  His stomach was mostly empty (thank goodness) when his symptoms started so we didn't have to do too much laundry.  He did have a high fever for 2 days and felt pretty lousy. Even today he is complaining of his tummy hurting after he eats.  Yuck!  

We are really praying that Abby dodges this one... and me too.

The kids are off to Papa and Grandma's today for the Whole Weekend!!  I know they will have a blast, but we will miss them.  I've never been away from them this long.

My cerclage procedure is scheduled for 8 am tomorrow morning.  Although my mind has tried to ignore the worries creeping up, I can't help but wonder how the next 6 months will go.  The cerclage puts me at higher likely hood of having more contractions during the next several months, even though the plan is for it to keep everything (and everybody) where it should be.

The certain type of cerclage (Shirodkar) my doctor will put in is more involved than the one I had last time.  It cannot be taken out in the office but will require another outpatient visit and spinal for pain control.  Most likely she will remove it before the baby is delivered by c-section.  It does have slightly higher risks.  After discussing the pros and cons of both methods, she explained that she has seen the best results with this type.

So here we go...