Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sickies Continues

(A & J sharing secrets)

Off to the doctor's we went today. Abby is still running a low grade fever. I don't think she ever got rid of her fever from the RSV/pneumonia last week. We started taking her temp last Thursday because she just seemed out of it. Then through the weekend she was having tons of seizures (the grand mal kind). Saturday she probably had 15+ and Sunday about the same. This usually tells us she feels terrible.

Her ears, throat and lungs were fine... so it looks like she caught a virus on top of everything else. At this point she isn't showing any other symptoms so at least she isn't miserable.

We are looking forward to a wonderful visit from my sister Christy and her girls, Anna and Norah! They are coming to play tomorrow and will stay as long as we can keep them! I know Josiah and Abby will enjoy every moment with their cousins. And of course I will too! It's hard being so far away from people we love so dearly.

Hopefully we will have time to snap a few pictures to share.