Friday, January 25, 2008

"99 Balloons"

The value of Life. The love of a child. A baby with special needs.

To end this week celebrating the sanctity of Life I wanted to share a precious story that clearly demonstrates God's plan of love and admiration for ALL children.

Baby Eliot was born with a genetic condition called Trisomy 18. His family didn't know how long he would be with them, but they loved him with abandon during his time on earth. How the Lord must long for every child to be cherished like this!

Here is a short excerpt from their blog "99 Balloons":

"So today we propose a new standard.
How do you measure a life? By years? By esteem? By productivity?

Eliot Hartman Mooney
99 days, 98 birthday parties (& today makes 99)
18 nurses
17, 557 visits to his website
0 minutes unattended

Although these statistics are fun. They all fall woefully short of a metric whereby to judge Eliot’s life. We propose that Eliot’s life be measured by impact.

Thus, truly his was a full life."
(Matt Mooney-Nov. 1, 2006)

In discovering this story my heart was touched by the faith of a family and their trust in the Lord amidst uncertainty, pain, pure joy and ultimately death.

For only in Christ are we able to lift up our hands and submit our lives to His loving plan.

Video warning: Kleenex required!


Thank you Matt and Ginny for letting me share your story. May the Lord bless you richly in the days to come!

99 Balloons