Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Activation Day!

Monday we took Abby to Dr. M's office to have her VNS activated! We were excited and anxious as we waited for him to program the device. Abby sat in her chair seemingly aware that something important was about to happen.

The Dr. put his programming "wand" over her chest where the implant sits and started the electrical impulses. We watched her closely for any reaction. Honestly we were a little afraid she might get scared and wig out! Instead she sat very still and had that look of concentration on her face. She did feel the stimulation but wasn't bothered by it. Whew.

Since Monday we've noticed very subtle behavioral signs when she receives the impulses. Sometimes she gulps, has a gag or cough, and once or twice has started "singing" and we noticed a higher pitch to her voice. Most of the time we can't tell it is delivering the impulses.

More good news. Yesterday she had 3 big seizures during which I dashed to grab her magnet. After briefly waving the magnet over the implant I watched as she slowly came out of the seizure! I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Abby seemed to be surprised too! She calmed down quicker than usual, although she was still very sleepy afterwards.

I had to sit there and just thank the Lord for giving us some way to help Abby. It's not a cure, but it sure beats watching her helplessly as she suffers through another terrible seizure. Praise Him for answering our prayers.

Here's Josiah listening to the "IPOP"... as he calls our Ipod. It is really funny. We are amazed at how quickly he figures things out. Before we knew it he was unplugging the ear phones from the Ipod and finding other appliances to plug them in to! Yikes.