Thursday, November 22, 2007

EEG Results

We heard from the neurologist about Abby's 24 hour EEG results. It sort of caught us off guard a bit. During the time Abby wore the electrodes she never had a seizure (that we saw). We were expecting to have to repeat the test in order to catch one of her many (usually frequent) seizures.

The nurse said Abby’s results were "abnormal," which isn't different from her previous tests. She told me it recorded "frequent spikes in her brain waves, indicating seizure activity." When I mentioned that we never actually saw any seizures during the test she told me that Abby is having seizure activity even if we don't see them.

So basically Abby is having between 5-30 seizures every day, in addition to those we can't see. We never imagined this could get so out of control. It's very difficult seeing her seize and then get so upset, knowing she must be scared and confused.

We go to see the surgeon next Thursday to discus the VNS implant.

We spent last weekend in Knoxville with our families. My Aunt Jodie took some precious pics of Josiah outside in the leaves. Too cute!