Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Josiah!!

We have a three year old!

This year Josiah has...

Chosen Veggie Tales as his favorite movie
Psalty and Andrew Peterson as his favorite music (esp "Matthew Begats")
Learned to swim
Potty trained!!  
Loves to help Daddy tinker in the garage
Says he wants to be an astronaut
Perfected special "chores" to help Abby... bringing cans of milk, getting her toys
Graduated to a Big Boy bed
Prays that Abby will learn to walk and see

Funny things he says...

"Blanklet"  (Blanket)
"ipop" (ipod), "puter" (computer), "Mary and Jofus" (Mary and Joseph)
"Hey dad, are you in the know?"
"Mommy, is your hair brown like my poopy?"
When put in time out will cry and say  "mommy, will you pray for me?"
While sitting on the potty asks "Will you tell me a story?"... to stall
Asks select people if they have a baby in their tummy like mommy
Prefers "clean" cow to "dirty" cow for snuggling.  (clean cow is much dirtier!)
Named his rocking horse "paco".

Josiah's Birthday Movie

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