Thursday, May 14, 2009

32 weeks

This week has been a little difficult.  While we are celebrating reaching the 32 wk mark, we are battling pre-term labor.  Over the last several weeks my contractions have grown stronger and more frequent.  As I've mentioned before I'm popping pills daily to try to keep them to a minimum.  

Although I don't sit and time them very often, they seem to be coming about 5-15 min apart constantly.  The meds do slow them down and help make me feel more comfortable... except for the nasty side effects.  One of them causes my stomach to become very upset and I have trouble keeping down meals.  (for those who know me well, know that vomiting is one of my most hated enemies!)

The contractions keep me pretty uncomfortable most of the time.  There have been days that we weren't sure how much longer our baby will stay put.  Of course we are praying for at least 4 more weeks, but really we are hoping to make it to Connie's wedding (June 20)!  That is what we pray for every night.

The body is a funny thing, especially when it comes to labor.  So, who knows, I could feel like I'm in labor for weeks and have nothing really change.  Or, we could have another preemie.  I go to the doctor again this coming Monday and I'm hoping she will check things out so I can put my mind at ease during the rough days.

Thanks to those who are praying!!

Abby is having a hard week also.  The low grade fevers still come and go.  Today she feels yucky and just finished her 6th seizure.  So far her temp is 100.4 after Tylenol.  No other symptoms.  No signs of flu.  If this keeps up over the weekend I suppose we will have to take her in to see the pedi.  For now we are just watching the fever closely and trying to keep her comfortable and happy... which can be a big challenge!