Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abby details and 29 weeks

This week we turn 29!!  Gestation that is.

Hopefully only 6 more p-17 shots, one more growth ultrasound and 11 more weeks to go.  Of course we are shooting for 40 weeks, but we would be thrilled with anything past 36!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday where we discussed my contractions and such.  She checked the "baby house" with ultrasound and found all to be as it was before.  whew!  We just never know.  For most, contractions at this point can be totally benign and expected... but we know all too well that it can also mean a silent disaster around the corner.  This makes us all the more thankful for a watchful doctor who is willing to look into our concerns.

At 29 weeks all is well!

Our house is also slowly on the mend from the most recent cold.  Abby is still very congested, but fortunately has avoided any pneumonia from developing.  Her tummy has had lots of problems, but hopefully today we will see improvement.  I am starting to feel better too.

This Friday we will be meeting with Abby's neurologist to go over her EEG results.  They called a few days ago to tell us to increase her Keppra dose.  I'm not sure if this is coming from blood levels, the way her EEG looks or her most recent Big seizure.  We shall see.  It will be helpful to know more details about what her brain is doing during seizure events, but also with the different behavioral changes we've noticed.  I'm not sure if Abby's treatment plan will change much, but we are hoping to Not have to add another medication.

Last week we took a trip to Birmingham to see the glaucoma specialist.  Her eye measured exactly the same as it did 4 months ago, around 24.  He said he could live with those numbers.

She was such a brave girl as he poked her eye numerous times to get multiple readings.  I think she knows when it is time to be brave, because in the waiting room it was a different story!! She was definitely upset and anticipating that something uncomfortable was about to happen.

We will continue with the same two drops and will see him again in 6 months.  

As part of a requested evaluation for Abby through our school system, a teacher for the visually impaired (TVI) came for an assessment last week.  It turned out to be very helpful!  Some of these evals are just more of the same question and answer sessions with no new information for us.  This guy actually gave us some suggestions on pre-braille activities and things to work on toward better communication.  So, that was encouraging.