Friday, March 28, 2008

My BooBoo's

One of these days I'm going to have to start protesting when they take me to that hospital. Just because I'm quiet and can't see very well doesn't mean I'm not on to their plan! There is no other smell like that of a stinky hospital.

Hmm. Today mommy took me back there again. I'm not exactly sure what they were looking for, but they sure did have to poke me a lot! I heard daddy tell them to STOP... I know he always wants to rescue me! So this time I got my way and didn't give them any of my blood.

Then they strapped me to that cold, moving board. This part wasn't too bad though. I think they were trying to look at my insides.

I've gotten used to being very brave. My mommy and daddy need me to be; I sense that. They've always told me I was a special girl and a strong fighter, and I guess I am. My hands and arms are sore again, but I think I have cute band aides to cover up my booboo's.

I haven't been feeling too good these days and I suspect todays events were mommy and daddy's way of trying to fix me. At least now I can relax in my soft, bean bag chair and rest my eyes a bit. I hope tomorrow we can just have a fun day with no more booboo's.

My brother is my best friend. He's starting to share toys with me and sometimes he sits with me and holds my hand. I like it when he makes mommy and daddy laugh... this is what he was doing last night.