Wednesday, December 12, 2007

VNS Surgery

Abby's surgery Monday went very well. She did great during the procedure and is now resting at home. She has an incision on the left side of her neck, and one on the upper left chest, just below her clavicle. The implant itself is quite large and clearly visible under her skin, but we knew it would be.

Today we are trying to stay ahead of her discomfort by making sure she gets her pain meds on time. So far she's been resting ok.

The device has not been programmed yet so we won't know if it will help her seizures until it's turned on. We've been told that every child is different in the way they respond to the Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy. Some show change in seizure activity immediately, and some gradually see improvements over time.
Abby is scheduled for her implant to be activated after the first of the New Year. We are really praying it will help her! The potential of seizure relief gives us a lot of hope.

Thank you so much for those who prayed for Abby. We can feel the Lords' peace when His people bring our family before His throne.