Wednesday, April 15, 2009

28 weeks

Our new baby now has his eyes open and weighs over 2 lbs!  We are still thinking about names.  Now that he is getting to a safer gestation it's more fun to explore names.  There are a few we both like but haven't settled on one yet.

This is about how we are all feeling this week.  

Josiah started the sickness this week,  and Abby followed by stressing us out with her big seizure.  Now we all have this nasty cold and are feeling lousy.

Abby has been pretty out of it since Monday's excitement.  Diastat always affects her for several days... she feels like a rag doll and is not very alert.  The fever plus the other symptoms just really wipe her out.  Her tummy has been pretty upset too, so we turned down her pump rate to keep her comfortable but hydrated.

Her fever is down today which makes us happy.

Here are a few pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday.