Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bed Rest Continued...

(15 weeks- face, feet, hands)

This past week has been more involved than we had expected.

I meant to update the blog and just didn't get to it until today.  (Warning: long and personal post)

It all started last Thursday night.  After being a "good girl" for 4 full days after the cerclage procedure (1-9-09), and staying on the couch except for bathroom trips, we felt like everything looked good.  Even our doc was encouraged when she checked on Monday (last).  So we went back to life as normal for the most part.   I took Abby to therapy but tried to minimize lifting at home. Patrick and I went out to dinner Wed. night for our date and did a little shopping.

Turned out a little lifting and shopping was too much.  Thursday night I just felt bad.  I couldn't pin down what exactly wasn't feeling good, but I figured I feel bad most days anyway and the nausea is usually to blame.  Went to bed early after having a little spotting.  The next morning there was enough bleeding for me to be worried.  We called the doc who told us to go to L&D to get checked out.

(15 weeks- profile; hand touching face)

Baby's heart rate sounded good.  But the bleeding got worse.  The doc checked things to make sure my water wasn't broken, and that the bleeding was from the cerclage site.  It was, so she admitted me for 24 hr complete bed rest.  'Complete' meaning: IV fluids, antibiotics, pain meds (for cramping), nausea meds, catheter, TED hose and pumps for my legs.  It was less than pleasant.  She said she wanted to make sure the inflammation/bleeding didn't cause my water to break or for labor to start.  This made us really nervous.

(not an attractive shot, but part of the memory non the less)

She also did an ultrasound to check for the health of the baby, placenta placement etc.  Everything looked ok.  (She even thinks it's a boy!)  We got a few pictures.

Saturday went ok with minimal bleeding.  The first time I really sat up to eat, I knew I had made a mistake.  The nurse checked and seemed concerned.  She called the doc who then ordered for me to stay another night to give the surgical site more quiet healing time.  So, I endured another night of minimal movement, eating/drinking on my side (not as easy as it looks) and some cramping.  Patrick stayed with me and helped me, which made the little sleep I did get more peaceful.

Sunday was a good day.  Very little bleeding and I slowly was freed from all the tubes, tape, wires and obnoxious pumping stockings!  We were home before supper.

The doc had ordered for continued bed rest this week to make SURE the cerclage site was healed up and that no more problems would arise.  

My wonderful sister came to our rescue Saturday night and kept our kids, cleaned our house, fixed us meals, made us laugh and just encouraged our socks off!  Despite the unpleasant circumstances, the Lord always shows His compassion in the perfect way.  He knew I needed my sis!  She brought her 3 month old son Jack with her, and of course he was such a joy.  It gave us a sweet reminder of what we are hoping to enjoy 5 months from now.

To top it off, she made us laugh till our sides hurt while I was trying to give my first P-17 (17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone) shot.  It was quite a site!

Thanks Chris and Jack!!  You'll never know how much you saved us!

Now Grandma is here from TN to save the day... and just in time too.  Early this morning the bleeding started up again.  After having several good days of hopeful healing, this was a big surprise.  Plus the fact that I've been on my back, except for bathroom breaks.  It was still dark out so I thought I'd give it some time before calling the doc.  At around 7 am it was worse and the cramping was back, so I called.  They told us to go to L&D at the hospital again.  My heart really sank.  I didn't want another experience like last weekend!

Fortunately things calmed down and the baby sounded great.  We bonded with our nurse who ended up praying with us while holding our hands.  The Lord touched us through her.  I got two sticks and an IV but didn't keep it long.  I only had a little bleeding while we were there so we got to go home around lunch time.  

So, as you can imagine I'm BACK IN BED.  Not on the couch, but in bed.  The kids are both sick.  Abby has a fever and runny nose.  Josiah has green gunk coming out of his eyes, and a runny nose.  Thank goodness for loving family!!  (we miss you Papa)

My mom is coming back from China on Monday.  She just went back after a long visit here in the States, but is turning around to help us.  We will certainly need it.

Thanks to all the friends who have brought meals, come for a visit and prayed for our baby during this crazy time.  I'm enjoying some beautiful flowers too!

We are so blessed.