Friday, April 3, 2009

Our gauze baby

Abby had her EEG put on today.  She did great except for some loud yelling when I had to hold her head still.

The tech wrapped her head in gauze, but not tightly enough!  Argh!  Now we are home and she is doing her usual head rubbing against the cough and the gauze has come loose and is slipping off.  I've tried to fix it with an ace bandage and more gauze but to no avail.  Patrick is coming home soon to help me re-wrap our darling's little head.  

You'd be amazed at how quick and sneaky those little hands are!  I'll be surprised if these wires stay in place for the next 2 days.

She looks pretty funny right now with a large tuft of hair and colorful wires sprouting out the top of her head wrap.

Her blood levels for Keppra and Zonagran came back... the Keppra level was appropriate, but the Zonagran was a little low.  The doctor wants to wait for the EEG results before making any medication adjustments.

Praying that this test will reveal Abby's true seizure activity and will give us a better interpretation into her behavior.  

Looking forward to a fun weekend with Aunt Connie & (soon to be) Uncle Matt!

(tuckered out from this mornings excitement)