Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Kiss

One thing that excites me as a mommy is seeing my children do new things. Anything from Abby feeling a toy with both hands, to Josiah signing "Daddy".

Well, my heart has officially melted since my little boy did the most darling thing ever! I was doing therapy with Abby on the couch, she was on her side over my lap (for shoulder exercise). Josiah was playing nearby and began crawling over towards us, pointing at Abby and chatting about something important. He pulled up while holding onto my leg, looked at Abby and gently planted a kiss right on her forehead!! Then he glanced up at me with sweet little eyes and smiled his sweet smile. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Josiah's first kiss... given to Abby, without instruction or prompting. Like it was straight from his heart.

That scene will be planted in my special, mommy, memory box forever. We prayed for a special friend for Abby, and He sent Josiah.

I tried to capture a duplicate of this moment later that day, but he didn't really want to cooperate.

I think Abby liked her kiss... she knows her brother is special.