Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sick Again

After planning a day of fun for our family including swimming, a picnic lunch and visits with some horses, this morning proved to create something different.

I found Abby in her bed this morning seizing.  Not her typical weekly/daily seizures but the kind that only come with illness.  We had no clear warning signs that she wasn't feeling well.  Because the seizure was already involving her whole body, and not knowing how long she had been like this, we quickly gave her rescue medicine (Diastat).

Not going into the details we ended up in the ER an hour and a half later with Abby in worse shape than she started.  Fortunately the nurse got IV access on her first try and then loaded her with several meds to stop the seizure.

Not long after her seizure had stopped her temperature spiked to 104.  Blood work came back clear which means she has another virus.

Tonight we are home feeling drained and exhausted.  Abby has been unusually agitated all day, including moaning and wakefulness not typical of her post-"prolonged seizure + incredibly powerful drugs" episodes.

We are heading to bed to try to get some rest, but wanted to leave you with some pictures of today.

Josiah, his usual cheerful self, making us smile during a discouraging day.