Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Return of the sick princess

Abby is back on fourth floor at Women and Children's.

She had another prolonged seizure at around 10 pm last night. It lasted about 22 minutes and fortunately stopped after giving Diastat on our way to the ER. This time it was different. No fever (initially) and it appeared very unlike her now 'typical' prolonged seizure. I say 'typical' because this will be her 6th or 7th hospital admission this year to date for this kind of seizure. (I've lost count)

In the past they have occurred during a period of fever. Last night has started a new trend... now she can throw us one of these seizures any-ol-time she wants!

Obviously she is sick, so that is what triggered the seizure. She started vomiting at home but we couldn't tell if she was sick from the atypical seizure or from a stomach bug. In the ER she continued to throw up despite getting the "good juice" (Zofran)! This bought us an overnight stay on the fourth floor. yippee.

They did successfully get an IV to work on the 3rd stick. After some IV Zofran she finally fell asleep and promptly spiked a temp of 103.3. It took about 5 hours after Motrin and Tylenol were given, and a sponge bath, before it started to come back down.

Today she seems punky but ok. She's been awake quite a bit. I think the IV fluids are helping her feel better. They did another chest x-ray to check on the status of her past pneumonia; another urine culture and hopefully a flu swab this afternoon. In light of the past 3+ weeks of on/off fever I would like to find out what is going on.

We are ready to have our little girl back home and back to herself!

Thanks to our dear friends who are entertaining Josiah today. I know he's much happier with you than he would be cooped up in our little corner of the hospital.