Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fussy Abby at 34 weeks

Our sweetie has had a difficult couple of weeks.  In addition to the up and down temps (still not sure what is going on with that), Abby has been extremely irritable.  Some days have been very long!  A few of them she has been completely inconsolable.  As with most things with Abby it has all been a guessing game.  

Although she is on new seizure medication, which is a legitimate reason to be fussy, her symptoms seem to be linked to her J-feedings.  Every day lately when we connect her to her continuous J-feeds she starts her moaning and finger biting.  Long story short, she seems to improve when we stop the feeding and hold her upright.  This includes late night, middle of the night and early morning episodes.  Needless to say she hasn't been sleeping normally.

Yesterday we took her to the hospital for a fluoroscopy test of her tubes.  Basically they squirt contrast liquid in each tube (G and J) and take multiple x-rays.  It almost looks live as you watch the liquid going through the tubes.  The result was that her tubes are in their proper place, not imbedded in her intestines or kinked or coiled.  This test is not able to see tissue irritation which is what we suspect.

For now we are allowing the continuous drip to flow into her stomach through the G-tube instead of the Jejunum.  We've slowed the rate down and are praying that reflux won't plague her.

In other news, we've made it to 34 weeks!  The baby is clearly getting bigger and moves all the time.  The contractions keep coming and keep me very aware of how much time we have left in this pregnancy.  As I've mentioned before, I'll probably be stopping these meds in the next 2 weeks and this makes me wonder what will happen.  I'm anxious to talk to our doc this coming Monday about our upcoming plan.  So far she's mentioned scheduling the c-section at 39 weeks... if we make it that far.

It's getting exciting!