Thursday, June 18, 2009

Introducing: Levi Patrick

6 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches, born at 8:08PM on 6/17/2009

It has been quite a busy week.  We closed on our new house and moved in last weekend.   We then frantically unpacked and prepared to go to Connie and Matt's wedding on June 20th.  But to our surprise at 37 weeks and few days, Levi decided to make his entrance.  This followed Patty laboring all night Tuesday and Wednesday until we went in at about 6:00PM.  They are both healthy, Praise the Lord!!   I don't think we would have made it this far without help from Patty's mom!

Josiah wearing Daddy's helmet!


Keri said...

Hurray for Levi wanting to be born on my birthday!! :) Congrats you guys. We are so happy for you. What a beautiful family! So happy he is healthy.

Jenn said...

Welcome Levi!!! We love you!! Praying for a quick recovery and over all health for all. Much love and many prayers from Chattanooga.

Jenn, Andy and the girls.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys! Levi is so cute! I can't wait to meet him in person!


amy said...

hello hull family! my name is amy jupin and i used to work with patrick. i love reading your blog and love hearing about all your sweet family. congratulations on your new little man, levi. he's adorable. many well wishes and much love, amy jupin and family

Christy Younger said...

Levi, I think I'm in love! You are so precious, and couldn't have been born into a sweeter family-
Love forever,
Your Aunt Trusty

coriejones said...

Congrats!! So happy for you guys! he is a handsome fella! love ya! Corie

BusyLizzyMom said...

Congratulations Patty and family. Levi is a lucky little man to be born into such an amazing family.

Jeff an Katie Mahoney said...

Hey guys:

Congrats!!!! We love to read your blog and have had patty and levi in our prayers. So glad they are both doing well. We will keep you five in our prayers as usual.

Much Love,
Jeff, Katie, Grace and Luke Mahoney