Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to the family Levi!

(stop music @ bottom of page before enjoying the movie!)


Christy Younger said...

Oh my goodness!! Ballin' my eyes out- what a precious movie. That last shot of him sleeping, he's totally chunked out and I'm missing it :(

23 Weekers said...

Welcome Levi! What a cutie!

Thank you for the post on Kinnick and Carver's blog. I was curious about Abby's vision. Was there nothing else that Dr. Trese's group could do to help her vision? Also, how is her hearing? Carver has CP, is deaf, and blind. We got his first CI in November (activated in December), and suddenly he's using the little bit of vision that he has. It's like when he began hearing, the vision made more sense to him. We've seen some pretty good improvements since he got his CI (Cochlear Implant). His feeds have improved significantly and he's started paying more attention during vision therapy.


AmateurDad said...

That was AWESOME!!! Welcome Levi

Jenn said...

Sheesh, crying my eyes out to. Absolutely the most precious movie I have ever seen. You and your sister and these movies you make, you're killing me here!

Love to you all, a new normal is just around the corner hang in there. It will go so fast, believe me. :)

Amy said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. It was so good catching up on your blog - and seeing Levi. Congratulations!! You and your family deserve so much happiness! Abby is so amazing. When I read everything on your blog, I am just speechless. God bless your precious family!


Erin said...

Congratulations on the new addition.

I loved the video. Esp. the birth cry... nothing like having a baby too little to cry at birth to make you really appreciate those shrieks!